Looking for a public safety mobile solution that offers great performance and stands up to your toughest environments? Fujitsu delivers. Watch video
The Benefits of THE Fujitsu MOBILE SOLUTION Public safety professionals depend on mobile data and communications systems to get instant access to time-critical information. Superior support is key to keeping these systems operating at peak performance. In addition, a small footprint is needed to accommodate small vehicles and one-hand operation. Fujitsu mobile solutions deliver on all fronts – putting public safety officers and providers first. Please click on the features to see the benefits associated with each.
Multifold Benefits of Fujitsu medical mobility solutions. Airtight security Range of sizes, weights and usability features Superior service, parts and maintenance programs Long product life Reliability State-of-the-art technology
Airtight security
Key Features:
  • 1 Smart card support
  • 2 Fingerprint sensor
  • 3 HDD and BIOS password protection
  • 4 Fujitsu PalmSecure® technology
  • 1 Multiple state-of-the-art security options ensure data is protected and access is restricted to legitimate users
Key Features:
  • 1 Range of sizes
  • 2 Light weight
  • 3 Touch and pen technologies
  • 4 Partnerships that provide a complete solution ready for vehicle installation
  • 1 Ensures the right footprint for virtually any application
Key Features:
  • 1 A variety of comprehensive service options
  • 2 Fujitsu offers dedicated support engineers that are directly available to help resolve problems
  • 1 Meets each agency's specific needs, including support for self-maintenance programs
Key Features:
  • 1 Typical product life of 5 to 7 years
  • 1 Ensures systems will continue to be supported long after they are deployed
Key Features:
  • 1 Shock, vibration, temperature, altitude, humidity and dust tests
  • 2 Spill-resistant keyboards
  • 3 Backlit keyboards
  • 1 Protects against damage caused by accidental spills
  • 2 Provides night visibility
  • 3 Results in fewer repairs and lower support costs
Key Features:
  • 1 Latest Intel processors
  • 2 Strict commitment to built-in reliability, security and quality
  • 1 Ensures first responders’ demands are met
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Stylistic Q616 Hybrid Tablet PC from Fujitsu healthcare. STYLISTIC® Q616
Tablet PC
STYLISTIC® Q616, 11.6" Mainstream Hybrid Tablet PC
Productivity Redefined

The STYLISTIC Q616 is a 2 in 1 based on a fan less, thin and light design in a compact package. Full-day battery life, a toughened anti-glare display that supports pen and touch, attachable keyboard, cradle as well as 4G/LTE and security options deliver the endurance and flexibility you need to handle your business.

Stylistic V535 Industrial Tablet from Fujitsu healthcare. STYLISTIC® V535
Industrial Tablet
STYLISTIC® V535, 8.3" Industrial Ruggedized Tablet PC
Tough Tablet for Hard Work

The FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC V535 is ideal for industrial environments where a rugged and lightweight design is required. Wireless connectivity combined with enterprise-grade security let you securely stay productive wherever you are. The Fujitsu shell concept enables maximum individualization to your specific requirements.

Lifebook U745 Business Ultrabook from Fujitsu healthcare. LIFEBOOK® U745
LIFEBOOK® U745, 14” Business Ultrabook
Business Elegance meets Premium Security

The FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U745 is a slim and light Ultrabook for professionals supporting optimum mobility. Its low weight from 3.4 lbs, 14” anti-glare display with touch panel and backlit keyboard options offers comfort. The pull-out LAN connector grant added connectivity. The VGA port on your Ultrabook allows presentation on demand, while the embedded palm vein sensor option guarantees ultimate security.

Stylistic Q737 Advanced Hybrid Tablet PC STYLISTIC® Q737
Hybrid Tablet PC
STYLISTIC® Q737 13.3” Advanced Hybrid Tablet PC
Tablet Mobility Meets Notebook Productivity

The FUJITSU Tablet STYLISTIC Q737 is a 2-in-1, 13.3” display supporting both pen and touch input, with an optional palm vein sensor provides unrivaled security. On-the-go connectivity is ensured with embedded 4G/LTE, GPS and NFC while a docking cradle provides best-in-class comfort in the office.

Lifebook T937 Premium Swivel Convertible Tablet PC LIFEBOOK® T937
Premium Tablet PC
LIFEBOOK® T937 13.3" Premium Swivel Convertible Tablet PC
The Top Performer with a Twist

The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK T937 is a versatile 13.3" 2-in-1 comprising the best functionality a tablet. Weighing only 3.5 lbs, its thin design, combined with a swivel touch display and enterprise-grade security features, enable dynamic work styles even when on the move.

Lifebook T725 tablet PC slimbook from Fujitsu healthcare. LIFEBOOK® T726
Tablet PC Slimbook
LIFEBOOK® T726, 12.5" Advanced Convertible Tablet PC Slimbook
Transform Business Productivity

The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK T726 is a 12.5" 2 in 1 that meets the expectations of professionals thanks to its pen and touch input, 4G/LTE connectivity and full security features. A shared port replicator and modular bay options support shared desk environments.

Lifebook T725 Advanced Folder Convertible Tablet PC LIFEBOOK® P727
Advanced Tablet PC
LIFEBOOK® P727 12.5" Advanced Folder Convertible Tablet PC
Multi-mode Productivity

The FUJITSU Tablet LIFEBOOK P727 is a 360° folder hinge 2-in-1 device helping you make the most of your demanding workday with its portable design and all-day battery life.

Lifebook U747 LIFEBOOK®U747
LIFEBOOK® U747 14" Notebook
Modern Workplace Meets Elegant Business Design

The LIFEBOOK U747 is a slim and light ultra-mobile notebook for business professionals supporting optimum mobility for business trips and ergonomics in the office. With its 14” and light weight 3.4 lbs it provides excellent mobility. Ergonomic viewing is guaranteed with the anti-glare HD, FHD or optional FHD touch display options and the embedded palm vein or finger print sensor provide outstanding security. MIL-STD-810G tested for Public Safety.

Lifebook U937 Notebook LIFEBOOK® U937
LIFEBOOK® U937 Notebook

The FUJITSU Notebook LIFEBOOK U937 features a feather light weight starting at 1.76 lbs. combined with a 13.3-inch FHD display with touchscreen option and long battery life. Its full-sized ports and integrated pull-out LAN connector means instant connectivity without carrying adapters. Embedded fingerprint, palm vein sensor and enterprise-class security options guarantee ultimate protection of your company data. High-performance memory and SSD options boost your productivity, and the USB Type-C® Dock accessory connects with your key desktop peripherals to make transitions in and out of the office a modern day breeze.

PUBLIC SAFETY PRODUCTS Fujitsu solutions provide public safety officers and providers everything they need to get their jobs done.
PARTNER PROGRAM Fujitsu partners with industry-leading public safety-focused resellers and integrators to offer best-of-breed solutions for public safety organizations. We are always looking for value-add partners to join us. We provide training, support, marketing and other extensive resources to differentiate our partners and increase profitability with our industry-leading public safety solutions. LEARN MORE ABOUT BECOMING A PARTNER INTERESTED IN BUYING? LEARN MORE ABOUT FUJITSU PUBLIC SAFETY SOLUTIONS
PUBLIC SAFETY RESOURCES Public safety organizations need mobile solutions that will stand up to challenging environments. Fujitsu offers the security and ruggedness needed for first responders and other public safety professionals to get their jobs done.
“In 2004, we decided to partner with Fujitsu to create an in-car computing solution because of their rugged design, high performance specifications, reputation for quality and impeccable quality care support program. Today that solution has become one of the most disruptive technologies in the law enforcement market delivering a safer, more ergonomic and cost effective solution for all departments.”
Trevor Smith Executive Vice President Brite Computers
With the Fujitsu “Buy 'n' Try” Mobile Demo Program, you can purchase a unit at a 50% discount. LEARN MORE
Fujitsu Public Safety Mobile Solutions
Fujitsu Mobility for Public Safety
Protecting lives and property is one of the most important and difficult jobs there is. Seconds count, and any misstep could spell disaster. That's why Fujitsu offers a wide assortment of reliable, ruggedized mobile products for first responders and other public safety professionals. See how Fujitsu is helping the men and women who help us all stay safe.
Introducing the Fujitsu "Buy ‘n’ Try" Program

Choosing the right mobile device to roll out across an entire public safety system is a big responsibility. It is critical to deliver a solution that meets the precise needs of your end users.

To make your purchasing decision process easier, Fujitsu is offering you the opportunity to test our mobile computing devices prior to deployment. The Fujitsu "Buy ‘n’ Try" program offers discounts of up to 50% on the mobile device of your choice so you can test it, ensuring it meets your specific needs. You need complete confidence in a decision this important; let us help you make that happen with very little investment and risk.

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Fujitsu Mobility for Public Safety
Protecting lives and property is one of the most important and difficult jobs there is. Seconds count, and any missteps could spell disaster. That's why Fujitsu offers a wide assortment of reliable, ruggedized mobile products for first responders and other public safety professionals. See how Fujitsu is helping the men and women who help us all stay safe.
Fujitsu Public Safety Solutions
Public safety workers need real-time information and durable IT equipment that holds up under the rigors of the job. Fujitsu delivers. See how in this video.